Our Instructors

Vanessa Giorgio

I have been teaching Indoor Cycling since 1998 and was certified at Mad Dogg Athletics for their Spinning program. Mad Dogg bought the rights to the word Spin and we were no longer allowed to use it to describe our program. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it made me look at just exactly what we teach at Lotus Kitty. I believe that true fitness involves the mental and emotional bodies as well as physical. When one is ailing the others suffer. It had evolved into an entire different discipline than what I  was certified in. It is a much bigger concept.

So our style of Indoor Cycling has to do with EMPOWERING the MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT! Hence “POWER CYCLING”.

I started really practicing and studying Yoga for myself when I realized that cardio was only half of the equation. I needed to lengthen my muscles as well as strengthen them. I enjoyed the art of Indoor Cycling and it’s mind freeing qualities plus the physical benefits of intense cardio. I felt the combination of both was so crucial that I could no longer just teach Spinning.

I got certified to teach Yoga in 2002 so I could bring it to my students. I believe it is a perfect union for a fit, lean strong body accompanied by a balanced mind.

Lotus Kitty strives to enlighten and inspire our students in all of these areas. I am a fitness expert as far as these principles mainly because I practice them daily for myself and bring these experiences to my class. I will often speak on something, referencing a personal experience, and after class I will be approached by one or more students asking me how I knew what they were going through? I love when this happens because it proves we are all going through similar lessons with different circumstances. We are all enrolled in Earth School!

I have a large personal training following and feel I am a master sculptress. I can absolutely change and sculpt anyone’s body with these practices along with healthy eating and consistency of workout. That means not missing every third session. Consistency is KEY in personal fitness and just about every discipline that exists.

Physical discipline, emotional balance and mental examining and re-examining of the self will bring about absolute health!

Stacy Kleinz

I was certified by Mad Dogg Athletics in 2008 and opened up the OG LK! I obtained certifications in Boot Camp and Personal Training in 2010 upon moving to Az. I ran the Group X program as well as taught Spinning at 24/7 Fitness, as well as teaching Spinning, Boot Camp, and Weight Training at Central Az College. I have returned happily to LK certified in TRX and catering to riders of all levels, focusing on FORM, FUN, and RESULTS! My music ranges from rock/alternative, hip hop to house, country to pop! My classes consist of fast runs, heavy climbs, interval jumps, laughter and SWEAT! ROCK ON AND RIDE!!

Tonni Ratcliff

Be ready to find your inner athlete and do it with a smile!

Although Tonni’s classes are led in group format, you will feel like you are in a one on one session. With Tonni thrives off of the pack mentality, so know when you walk into her class you are part of a team. Being your biggest cheerleader, she will recognize and applaud each and every team member in class while leading you through an exhilarating, highly energetic, proper form-filled class.

Tonni holds multiple certifications: Personal and Group Training, Track & Field, Distance, Endurance and Agility training as well as TRX and Barre.

Michael Johnson

As a cyclist, tri-athlete and avid weightlifter, Michael brings his intense training style to each class. From focusing on form to pushing physical limits, Michael inspires all to reach their potential. Do not be fooled by his quiet demeanor, in class he is all business as any lawyer would be. Whether cycling or weight training, you will be challenged to push beyond your preconceived limits. His classes feature eclectic music mixes, fusing soul, funk, R&B, rap, rock and indie pop, sure to keep you motivated. In the end, you will leave his class exhausted yet exhilarated.

Michelle Allen

Prepare to sweat and have fun! Michelle’s infectious energy will guide you through a fun filled, high energy and emotionally releasing experience. A former competitive gymnast and life-long runner, she has rarely spent a day not exercising. Her music ranges from Punk to Pop to Rock Classics and beyond. Michelle has a lifelong love of fitness and wants each client to leave class with a sense of accomplishment and strength. Her TRX classes are challenging – and laugh inducing. Michelle believes a good sweat makes everything better. She is a New York girl through and through, but the edges have softened a bit. Nahhhhhh.

Jen Christopher

Jennifer got her spinning certification from Madd Dog in 2006.

She started as a competitive swimmer and an accomplished racquetball player at a very young age. She learned early on the value of dedication and discipline. The only way to be good at anything is to practice-practice-practice and give it your all!

Jennifer believes in empowering all who take her class to reach deep to find their true strength and to push themselves harder than they ever imagined.

A Strong Body = A Blissful Heart

Kacey Spivey

Deborah Sale-Butler

Deborah Sale-Butler, a long-time member of the Lotus Kitty family, has been spinning since 2009 and got her spin instructor certification from Mad Dogg Athletics in 2016.  She’s incorporated her intensive training in dance, movement, and breathing technique into her work as a spin instructor.  She strives to bring an awareness of breath and body to all riders.  When it comes to music, you might be jamming to AC/DC or Bruno Mars, but the beats will make you want to move!